V ision …

Within a decade, all small U.S. companies between 5 and 30 employees will be able to grow their businesses using tools and resources previously available to only large, global corporations.

The National Business Education Council – N B E C – transforms small businesses into High Performing Companies by offering global answers to local questions.

M ission …

The mission of the NBEC is to:

  1. Create independent U.S. Networks of qualified Subject Matter Experts who will collectively take our Vision to the national Small Business community.
  2. Provide these Networks with the latest research and education to offer to companies in the communities they serve.
  3. Support these Networks in their plan to Optimized and Motivate Small Business Owners to achieve their desired outcomes as they define them.
  4. Transform Small Businesses into High Performing Companies.

The NBEC is a Licensing Bureau that assures compliance, consistency and uniformity in all aspects of business education and in the standardization of all practices.

The goal of the NBEC is to bring all aspects of a company into balance with itself through the guiding principles of Kanketa, an Eastern-based management style for Small Business.

What is Kanketa…

K ANKETA (kon kee’-tah):
“With Balance”, “In a state of Balance”
Two or more equal and inseparable interdependent parts, when in balance, create a positive, sustainable result.

KANKETA is a holistic business philosophy that every business problem that exists or that has ever existed can be completely resolved internally without outside influence.